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You Can’t Be Stopped! You are #Blessed and Unstoppable!

Blessed and Unstoppable JP LOGAN

You Cant Be Stopped, You Are:


By Author: Billy Alsbrooks

This book has been strategically designed to align your mind with the laws of success. Consistently applying these principles will create the environment needed for you to prosper and thrive. By accepting and adhering to the truth written on these pages, every area of your existence will be impacted. As you follow this guide step by step, amazing breakthroughs will happen, new doors of opportunity will open, and favor will begin to chase you down.

Blessed And Unstoppable will instigate the thought process and actions required to transform your life. It’s packed full of time tested prosperity wisdom presented in a way that you can easily understand. The purpose of this material is to educate, motivate, and empower you with the tools and strategies needed to accomplish your dreams. This curriculum will teach you the inner mechanics required to go from average to phenomenal, from living a life with limits to being blessed and unstoppable. Regardless of what field you’re in, this is your blueprint for success!


This massive action course is effectively divided into seven learning sections.

The Success Teachings: This is a 31 day devotional on the laws of success. Each day has a bible verse, a teaching on that day’s principle, a positive affirmation, prayer for the day, self-assessment questions, success quotes, actions steps, and an inspirational message.

Self-Awareness Workbook:  Packed full of thought provoking questions, this workbook will help you identify your strengths, find your passion, and better understand who you really are.

Bringing Your Life Into Focus: The material in this section will help you create a powerful vision for your life, develop your mission statement, and clarify your goals.

Wisdom For Achieving GreatnessThis section contains profound insight from the author on how to become all that God created you to be.

The Power To OvercomeSeparated by topics, this reference tool makes it easy to find the appropriate bible verses needed to overcome any situation.

Aligning With The BlessingThis topical bible will enable you to quickly reference what God’s word says to do in every area of your life.

How To Walk In VictoryThe final section includes a list of The Ten Commandments, a summary of God’s law, lays out the nine fruits of the spirit, explains the three steps to receiving salvation, and ends with the sinner’s prayer.

Blessed And Unstoppable is a success manual that will help you start living the abundant life you were created you to live. Putting this victory program into action will allow you to experience the unequivocal freedom and fullness of God’s blessing. Destiny intentionally brought this book across your path to prepare you with the knowledge, understanding, and revelation required for you to inherit your future. Coming into agreement with these powerful teachings will cause the shackles and chains of bondage that have been limiting you to finally be broken. This is more than just another positive self-help book, this is the blueprint for building the life of your dreams!

This Book Includes:

31 Success Lessons

31 Positive Affirmations

31 Powerful Prayers

31 Inspirational Messages

31 Action Steps

Over 300 Self-Assessment Questions

Over 300 Wisdom Quotes

Topical Life Bible

Goal Worksheets

Bonus Self-Awareness Workbook

This life altering book comes complete with everything you need to change your life.

Get your copy now!



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